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There are places to stay & places that stay with you.

Your guest will decide which you are, and it’s not based on your location, service, food, or design. It definitely isn’t based on your name or logo.

It’s a feeling, personal to the guest and driven by a connection, felt through every aspect of their visit.

Creating this connection comes at a cost; of time, money, and a fanatical attention to detail. But not at the expense of profit and return.

Instead, it lowers customer acquisition costs, increases return visits, improves marketing effectiveness, reduces operational decision-making, and anchors a stand-alone position in the market. It draws outsized attention and develops (potentially irrational) preference.

Together, we'll create this connection, and build on the promise of it, to shape a brand that is an integral part of the engine of your business.

We brand destinations. Hospitality owners & operators work with us to shape their guest experience.

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Featured Projects
  1. DreamCatcher Hotels

    Driving an experience for a hotel developer worthy of putting their name on the building, kickstarting a franchise.

  2. Chickasaw Nation

    Elevating the creative of a multi-billion dollar organization to match their impact on the world.

  3. Noun Hotel

    Taking a struggling hotel and helping it become an institution, where anyone who’s anyone stays.

  4. Chandler Hospitality

    Guiding an F&B from local staple to multiregional presence primed for continued growth.

Sean Ferguson Headshot

Sean Ferguson

Director of Brand Marketing

Chandler Hospitality Logo
The Wolves not only brought our aging flagship brand into the 21st century, they got us thinking differently about how to grow. Helping us develop new restaurant concepts for our portfolio and enhancing the entire guest experience beyond food, premises, and ads.

Agency partners are usually all fluff and buzzwords, but Wolves made it clear with the very first project - they see what others don't. They truly considered our audience, their motivations, and desires at every step. These guys are long-term, trusted partners for us!
Garrett Mills Headshot

Garrett Mills


Uncommon Brands Logo
The Wolves have a remarkable ability to turn vision into reality through listening, collaboration and best-in-class creative and design. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Jennifer Burgess-Wright Headshot

Jennifer Burgess-Wright

Senior VP, Marketing & Digital Strategy

Coury Hospitality Logo
Working with the Wolves was a pleasure - Chris and Jack are super friendly and championed the project at NOUN Hotel to success. We appreciated their positive attitude and smooth collaboration!
Stephen Treadwell Headshot

Stephen Treadwell

Creative Director

RibCrib Logo
The Wolves helped us solve a branding problem we'd been stuck on for literally years! They gave us structure and grounded us in why and how our customers are changing. They developed a strategy for the decisions ahead that we'll continue to build from for years to come. More simply, this team has unlocked our brand's potential.
Abigail Opiah Headshot

Abigail Opiah


Unruly Logo
We were pretty convinced we knew our customer inside and out, but working with the Wolves unearthed so much more about our target and their motivations. Its changed how we approach our business.

After working through our positioning, I caught myself reaching for my phone on a number of occasions to ask their thoughts on other key business decisions. That to me was the true measure of their impact.

I now see them as valuable members of our brain trust and will be hard pressed to make any major marketing decisions before first seeking their counsel.
Sandip Patel Headshot

Sandip Patel

Co-Founder & CEO

Cage Logo
Tying this to outcomes, I’m not even done and can easily talk about how working with the Wolves has made me a better leader and rallied my team to a more clear North Star. We’ve uncovered what needs to be prioritized and what will be the most impactful things for us to pursue. That’s huge!

The Wolves are so different than any ‘agency.’ I’m not looking to them to knock out a logo or web copy. Shit, they might do that, but that’s a byproduct of the real, root stuff that we get into!

This team is a force multiplier. Calling it branding is short-changing what they do. They’ve directly and fundamentally helped me change my business.
Redacted Headshot

Director of Communications

Redacted Logo
Truly design visionaries and change influencers … I think it’s amazing the opportunity that new and established companies and organizations would have to work with this team.
Tracy Mendoza Headshot

Tracy Mendoza

CEO & Co-Founder

Declare Logo
The Wolves helped me narrow my focus at a very early stage to what I needed to do ‘today’ in order to build a successful, sustainable business and cleared 90% of the noise distracting the forward movement of the company.
Brett Connally Headshot

Brett Connally

Founder & CCO

Mama Logo
We were stumbling around in the dark. Now we’re focused and charging forward. The Wolves kicked us straight in the balls. And in the best way possible.
Ziljian Aguirre Headshot

Ziljian Aguirre

Co-Founder & COO

OKO Logo
I love the direct feedback and insight from former projects. Most people are too nice when we’re seeking help. Tough love is exactly what we need and the Wolves are in our corner to help us thrive.

We offer brand creation and development through a mixture of strategy, identity design, storytelling, and digital development. We also have a small team of experts called in specifically for projects requiring photography and/or video.

A comprehensive branding or rebranding project takes on average 10-14 weeks from project kick-off. The process is flexible and adjustments can be made if you need to move faster – or slower. This timing can extend with web development and/or launch-related deliverables.

One who resonates with our core belief and strategic approach. They are:

  • “Buy-in” at the top and full leadership support and participation.
  • Prefers to stand out rather than blend in.
  • Believes “brand is more than a logo.”
  • Open-minded to new ideas.
  • Active decision-makers.
  • Encourages us to follow our process.

Yes, a brand without consideration of brand strategy, and business strategy, is destined to be, at best, pretty art. Brand strategy provides the direction and alignment for all creative, communication, and sales outputs. Understanding the strategy helps determine what aspect of the brand needs work, which aspects are contributing to issues, and which are assets to the business.

For example, a new marketing campaign may generate short term interest, but without a strategic connection and approach, it may fail to attract, engage, and retain the right audience. A new logo or identity likely won’t fix your sales team positioning a product one way, while your engineering team builds it for a different position in the market. This is an alignment issue, and a red flag that your brand strategy is not in place.

Whether redefining a brand, building a new one, or tackling specific business challenges, we always begin with strategy. We aim to align the outputs of the business with your brand’s long-term vision, values, and business objectives. This way, we ensure that every initiative has the same strong foundation, is purposeful, and contributes meaningfully to your business’s success.

Yes. Strategy is the foundation of every project we do. We’re happy to lead strategic work without creative execution.

Yes. While we've seen time and again the necessity and value of our strategic work, we understand that your company might already have a strategy in place. We would request to be able to review this strategy to make sure it meets our standards in a way that we can confidently execute against. If it does, we can definitely provide creative services built upon your existing strategy.

You will work directly with one or both of our founders. This includes regular status updates and direct access for questions and/or ideation. We do not hand off work to junior staff when you're not in the room. There are several other people on our team with specific skillsets who you may meet depending on the project deliverables.

We pride ourselves on the depth of our experience, and the projects we’ve completed with our client partners. With a history spanning long before forming Wolves in 2019, we’ve had the privilege to work with numerous brands across various industries, all with unique tastes and specific challenges. Your challenge and its outcome will also be unique. Your solution will not be a reflection of our style or our past client's designs. In place of a single portfolio of design considerations made for others, we share outcomes. However, we do maintain an archive of all our projects. We’d be more than happy to share relevant examples from our comprehensive body of work if there’s a specific project type you’re interested in.

Yes! For design, we prefer to work early with interior designers and architects to better connect the brand story throughout the build and/or renovation process. For guest experience, it’s always beneficial to get property management involved sooner rather than later to help shape service and activations.

Yes! While we are a preferred vendor for Marriott International and their Tribute Portfolio, we love working with independent owners.

Yes! We have a long history of working with F&B directly and would love to add you to that growing list.

We do entertain Requests for Proposals (RFPs), however, our approach is unique and we turn down more projects than we take on. We believe that successful collaborations are built on strong, mutual relationships. Most RFPs don’t allow for deep questions around scope, business strategy, or alignment.

Designing a new guest experience can be a lengthy and passionate process and the team you build to take on the challenge matters. When we receive an RFP, we consider it under the condition that we can meet with the executive team first. This allows us to understand your vision better, align our goals, and evaluate if we are the right fit for each other. If we’re not, we’ll tell you upfront.

We try to prevent this by aligning our thinking to an agreed-upon strategy and ensuring we co-create together throughout the process. From day one, we’re on your team and want to keep it that way. If you feel that our work missed the mark, we’ll talk openly about it to figure out why it isn’t working for your team. With clear feedback, understanding, and goals in mind, we’d offer our professional opinion on how to solve the problem, and then we’d get to work on doing just that.

We conduct a thorough immersion to gain a deep understanding of your business. We listen intently and perform a number of discovery activities:

  • On-site visit/tour
  • Leadership interviews
  • Desk research (competitive audits, visual audits, landscape audits)
  • Facilitated strategic workshops

We don’t operate like a vendor. You’re hiring us to join your team for the duration of the project. This will be a very collaborative partnership. We can’t do a great job without that iterative relationship.