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Building a successful startup hinges on one thing …

Convincing others there’s value in it. Value so compelling you’re met with nodding heads from customers, investors, even talent.

Yesterday, you could go all in on great design or a captivating story and growth hack your demand.

Today, those wildly successful startups you admire commit to something deeper. Understanding the transformation they make possible for their customers and weaving it into every decision made.

Doing this is hard. You have to overcome the comfort of as-is and the anxiety of something new. You have to shape something complex and unfamiliar into something clear and undeniable.

But not doing this is harder.

Customers look, but don’t buy.

Investors talk, but don’t write checks.

The ads work, but then they don't.

We’re a positioning studio.
We work hands-on with early-stage founders to shape & express the value they offer.

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Ziljian Aguirre

Co-Founder, Kanna

I love the direct feedback and insight. Most people are too nice when we are seeking help. Tough love is exactly what we need and Wolves Not Sheep is in our corner to help us thrive.

Tracy Mendoza

CEO & Co-Founder, Declare

As a founder, Wolves Not Sheep helped me narrow my focus at a very early stage to what I needed to do ‘today’ in order to build a successful, sustainable business. They asked the right questions and provided guidance to clear 90% of the noise distracting the forward movement of the company.

Sean Ferguson

Director of Brand Marketing, RibCrib Corporation

Wolves Not Sheep took the time to understand our needs during this growth period and brought a fresh perspective to the table. They were earnest, passionate, and most of all effective.

Lisa Green


From the very beginning they took the time to understand me and exactly the message I wanted to convey. Every detail was beautifully presented. They really listen. I can move forward now!

We work in two phases.

Phase One is a 4-week sprint focused on shaping value. We work with you to build and validate a strategic narrative that serves as the foundation for your brand strategy, differentiation, and decision-making.

Phase Two is focused on expressing value throughout the business. This 8-week phase is crafted for teams that want hands-on guidance, design, and/or development. We apply your newly shaped value to brand touchpoints with the highest impact on the next major milestone – from investor decks to marketing websites to brand updates and customer experiences.

Yes! For teams that have completed the Phase One sprint, we offer ongoing projects to collaborate and attack known or suspected problems and solve them together.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and pulls on various skills as needed to shape and express the value each new venture has to offer. From guidance to hands-on support, this could include a mixture of strategy, business design, advisory, as well as design and development of both brand and digital experiences.

Our focus is on pre-seed and seed stage startups. We also work with growth-stage startups typically as they move from early-adopters to the larger market.

While Phase One is usually completed as a fee-for-service, we do offer creative capital arrangements for Phase Two or longer-term partnerships. We are open to shared earnings, full equity, or a mix of fee and equity deals.

We do! We’re often asked to present to accelerators and venture portfolios on several topics including why value statements suck, what branding really is, and pre-brand foundations. To discuss topics and check on availability, please contact us.