Uncommon behavior. Uncommon outcomes.

We believe that uncommon outcomes aren't built from common behavior. Therefore, the path forward does not begin by following a competitor or the latest trend. Our approach is a process, not a template, of discovery and strategic evolution.

Beginning with understanding the DNA of a business and its consumer, we identify and define a next advantage. We then guide the organizational, product and creative evolution necessary to build and capitalize on it.

For Now and Next.

Our services are designed to (re)establish foundational structures and explore new territories to help brands uncover who they are and who they could be. The result is a brand optimized for a strategic and sustainable market position capable of continued evolution.

Brand Advisory &

Make sense of your brand, its current products and future opportunities with a strategic framework that simplifies and codifies the experience.

Team Design &

Design new internal and external marketing team structures, responsibilities, and processes for capital-efficient brand maintenance and growth opportunities.

Product &
Service Design

Jointly explore, validate and accelerate products and services that reflect a deep understanding of your consumer and cultivate connected brand experiences.

Brand Stretch &

Discover the full range of your brand’s equity, prioritize growth opportunities and optimize your existing assets to attack adjacent spaces by transforming your most marketable concepts into testable prototypes.

Tracy Mendoza

CEO & Co-Founder

As a founder, Wolves Not Sheep helped me narrow my focus at a very early stage to what I needed to do ‘today’ in order to build a successful, sustainable business. They asked the right questions and provided guidance to clear 90% of the noise distracting the forward movement of the company.

Sean Ferguson

Director of Brand Marketing
RibCrib Corporation

Wolves Not Sheep took the time to understand our needs during this growth period and brought a fresh perspective to the table. They were earnest, passionate, and most of all effective.

Lisa Green


From the very beginning they took the time to understand me and exactly the message I wanted to convey. Every detail was beautifully presented. They really listen. I can move forward now!