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A common thread can create an uncommon bond.

Successful startups aren’t built by one big decision. They’re built by countless small decisions all oriented in the same direction.

After working with hundreds of businesses, established and new, big and small, we’ve learned that setting this direction is one of the hardest and most common challenges faced. Mission statements, brand purpose, even value propositions work towards this effort, but all fall short. Why? They’re focused in the wrong direction.

Realizing the potential of your startup starts with your customer’s world. It takes having a clear and fundamental understanding of the changes happening in it. Then shaping the value you provide by how you help them progress through these changes. To help, we’ve built a collaborative process of discovery, articulation, and delivery.

Designed to make customers, investors & talent understand & take notice.

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How We Do This
Phase One:

Shaping Value

Everything you do in pursuit of growth relies on understanding your unique value. Value we help you define in this 4-week sprint designed to build and validate a strategic narrative that will serve as the foundation for your market fit, brand strategy, and decision-making.

Phase Two:

Expressing Value

Identifying your differentiating value is just the beginning. You have to express that value consistently to stand out in the crowd you’ll realistically be compared against. We provide strategic and creative direction to do just that, with assets that have the highest impact on whether you’ll be ignored, misunderstood, or forgotten.

The Outcome

People will see what you see, know what you know, and believe what you believe. Sales, marketing, fundraising, and product development will all be aligned around the same strategy and differentiation, powering sustainable growth.

We’re a startup too, led by our own ambitious founders.

A letter from our founders

A letter from our founders

We each spent the better part of the last two decades in advertising, brand building and user experience. While there was a lot to love, only a small percentage of that time was spent clarifying and articulating the real value of those businesses, which arguably holds the biggest impact on everything that follows.

So, like you, we decided to build something new. Spending nearly two years quietly iterating on what has become Wolves Not Sheep, fast-forward to today and our hypothesis remains. You can build an uncommon advantage if you understand and communicate your real value through every effort of the company and every step of the customer experience.